Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things


As of late, I have been a little “down in the dumps”. I have been in my current career position for almost 1 year (Sep 29). My efforts and performance have been nothing short of exemplary, and I’ve been anxious to ask my boss for a raise; which is something I’ve never had to do.

This past Wednesday, I felt ready to confront him. I even made the attempt to look more presentable. HE actually pulls me into his office (Great! Here’s my shot! Or so I thought..). Without a heads-up, he proceeds to tell me that he cannot afford the overhead due to business being slow & clients backing out, and that he has to move me down to part-time. I was speechless.

No business – No Profit, I get it. Trust me. I’m in the process of building my own. No matter how you look at it, that’s 40% of my income. Income that helped my purchase this MacBook. Income that is helping me get certifications. Income to hire a designer. Hard-earned money that is funding every single part of my business endeavor. I choked back tears as I called my husband to deliver the news. I had been working SO hard and SO long to get my brand and business up & running, and this came as a major set-back; I was so upset and discouraged.

It is now 6 days later, and the past two days have been filled with bliss. During my day-off yesterday, I decided to hit legs really hard at the gym. I literally had sweat just spewing from my face like an indoor fire sprinkler (only a slight exaggeration), it was amazing. Afterwards, I hit up my local health food market, grabbed a wrap & a Celsius, then posted up at a fishing spot for almost 3 hours. The weather was overcast, minimal breeze, grass was soft, geese & ducks were begging for snacks, water was calm, then I get a blessing of a text. Not only will I be working [a second job] with my new friend, who also happens to be a fitness entrepreneur, but I will be surrounded by all things that are good and healthy. I will be allowed to network and promote my own business during my time there. I am looking forward to meeting new people and connecting with members of my community.

After receiving the good news, I cast my line back out, took a deep breath, kicked my feet out on the perfectly green grass, and sighed. I was reminded why I loved fishing so much; I am always at peace.

I even went again during my lunch break today. I now keep my pole in my car since the pond is close to my building.

Even when something happens that ruins your day, maybe puts a damper on your goals, hurts your feelings, it seems that something always comes around and brings you back to your normal-happy self. Which also brings me back to Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things.

Hubby came in clutch with the cute fridge note this evening, too! Dawwww!! 😀

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