“Step It Up” Challenge – WINNER

The WINNER of my 5-Week “Step It Up” Challenge is: 🥁🥁🥁

Chandler Yarbrough—breaker of chains—leader of dumbbells—wife of Patrick—and grad student of OSU 🖤🧡

Chandler was so eager to be one of the first to test out my program. As I made clear to everyone interested, it wasn’t going to be easy. She didn’t care! She battled through the entire time and kept me posted throughout her journey. She is walking-living proof that I am capable of developing a successful program. I literally wanted to cry when I saw her pictures. Chandler, I am so proud of you and thank you for trusting me without even knowing me!! I have made a new friend! ☺️

“I’m a 25-year-old grad student. I’ve been small my entire life, but after getting married I gained around 40 pounds. The stress and time commitment to school were what I blamed for my unhealthy habits. Thankfully, I’ve discovered some balance, and through this workout program I have re-discovered my love for weight training. I’m excited to continue this journey to become the best possible version of myself.” – @dynamicdysmorphia (Instagram)

– 1 case of Celsius Fitness Drinks (12pk)
– Custom 6 Week Program
– Gift Basket filled with healthy and fitness related goodies

I will occasionally host fitness challenges w/ awesome perks so be on the lookout for more in the future! Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my website! Link in bio.
Thank you to all who participated!



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