My patience is thinner than my waistline

Inspired by recent events:

When I am approached by a prospective client (for 1-on-1 training), I like to become respectfully acquainted. You’ll get a business card (if in-person). We’ll do a brief introduction of one another, and I’ll answer questions about my background if necessary. Next, I suggest the prospect to check out my website and Instagram (if they haven’t already) so they can see personal and client transformations, progressions, workouts, read testimonials, reviews, etc.

Following-up, I like to schedule an in-person consultation. During which time we will discuss short-term and long-term goals, limitations, strengths, dissabilities, fitness background, nutrition, current routine, and from there develop a realistic goal-oriented, customized course of action to meet said goals. All of this generally takes a grand total of 1-hour. My goal is to establish a healthy and friendly trainer-client relationship, so I will go over if need be. Typically, this is when the prospect enrolls in sessions and becomes part of my FitFam. Although, I do understand if more time is needed to make a decision or gather funds. However, I cannot guaruntee availability if there is any delay; It’s first come first serve.

As a fitness professional, I want nothing more than to see my clients (and non) succeed and be pleased with their journey. It takes courage to seek out help. It is not an ordinary-tangible item; You can’t see it at the time of purchase. You have to envision what possibilies lie ahead. You are investing your hard-earned money into something that can utimately improve your physical/mental wellness and overall quality of life. You are literally entrusting someone with your livelyhood. If that person is me, sweet! Let’s get to work! If not, that’s okay! I want you to choose who you feel is best for your situation. I’ll even give you referrals.

If this is you, and you are seeking a trainer, or if you are in-fact a trainer yourself, GREAT! Even trainers need trainers! We all can benefit from one another, learning and growing. Now with that being said, if you claim to have a background in personal training, hold various certifications and degrees, have personal relationships with trainers, have yourself been a competitive athlete, are personally influenced and/or have worked extensively alongside fitness competitors, body builders, personal trainers, I am to believe you understand that no two clients are the same, or at the very least have a general idea of what your own goals are and what type of fitness professional you’re looking for.

I am not going to make custom videos to show you how I train or motivate a client because as I stated before, no two are the same. Unless you’re willing to compensate me, I don’t have time to send you instructional videos and tell you how I do my job. Odds are, I don’t know what you need at this point (if we haven’t met), so how do you expect me to know what type of training you require?!
No, I’ve never done any body building – figure – physique competitions. I spent my life as a competitive athlete in softball, volleyball, and track, continuing on as an athlete in college. I have competed as a powerlifter, and have competed in several fitness challenges and obstacle course competitions. I have never had time to commit as a “stage” competitor. I’ve always chosen to compete on fields or courts. So if you want someone who has experience as a body builder of sorts (specifically), I’m not that person. Although, I am capable of training for such events. I will ultimately refer you to a fellow trainer for posing and cutting leading up to your show.
I’m definitely not going to answer your phone calls or texts at 9:30 at night after you’ve already told me that “we’re not going to be a good match” based on those reasons alone. I am not here to hold your hand and walk you through EVERY. SINGLE. PROCESS…before you even commit to me. You’re either in, or you’re out.

If I’ve already consulted with a prospect (in-person or virtually), and have provided substantially-significant information about who I am, what I do, what my experiences are, where to find out more, rates, etc., it is now the PROSPECT’S turn to do the work and make a decision. I can’t make anyone entrust me with their health; you have to take that chance. Please do not blow up my phone and continuously waste my time and efforts if you’re not even going to let me help you. Now, if you are mentally and/or physically impaired and need the extra assitance, please specify or aquire someone to assit you on your end. Otherwise, I cannot make a desicion for you.

My time is valuable, as is yours, and I expect this process to be professional. I handle my business routinely-consistant and in an organized manner….whether I’ve known you for 10 years or 10 minutes. This helps me stick to a schedule, and stay focused on my work and my clients.

If you can’t get on board with that, then we are not going to be a good match.

Yes, this is a rant of sorts. No, I am not bitter towards everyone who chooses not to work with me.

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