Close Call

Good afternoon, lovelies!


Over Easter weekend, I was involved in a single car accident after another vehicle pulled out in front of me on the highway. Although I am sore, I am doing well and did not require immediate medical attention. I will definitely be taking some time off from training to let my body heal.

(Instagram post) Good Friday could have very easily ended in tragedy. If it weren’t for my quick reaction, my car’s reliability, and my savior, I might not have walked away like I did. Literally the scariest moment of my life.

A driver pulled out in front of me on a 75 mph highway, just 10 minutes from my destination. I lost control trying to avoid a collision and ended up slamming into the concrete wall of the bridge. My airbags and seatbelt likely saved my life. The other driver sped off, and no one stopped to help until authorities were almost there. I sustained a few bruises, my left hip or femur might be injured, and it feels like I got jumped by Mike Tyson, but I’m walking. I was able to drive my car the 3 hours home, but it’s now claimed as totaled. I cried as I cleaned it out yesterday, but I’m grateful that I am well and my husband still has a wife.
Let’s face it: no one could replace me 💁🏼‍♀️
Hold your loved ones tight 💞 Thank you @goody_goodley for coming to my rescue.
#jesustakethewheel #havefaith#blessed #ineedamassage

I am having difficulty dealing with the emotional trauma of the accident. I saw my life flash before my eyes in a split second. For a moment I was like, “Okay, God! This is how I go?!” “I’m about to hit this railing and go over…F#$%”. I was on the way to visit my best friend of 25 years, literally 10 minutes from her home. I would be celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary to my husband this September, and we would be trying to start a family this summer. It was almost like an out-of-body experience as I tried to regain control of my car before slamming into the bridge at 60 mph.

I keep thinking about the few seconds leading up to the accident, wishing it were all a dream. I know it’s “just a car” and it can be replaced, still, it was my first big-girl purchase and now it’s sitting in my garage waiting to be taken to the junk yard. I am devastated.

Even though my “Red Sled Reba” is totaled, I am so grateful to be here to share my experience. I will probably invest in another Chrevrolet Malibu. I loved the functionality, style, gas mileage, and clearly they can take a hit. My body can’t seem to catch a break though. She’s battling. If you see me out in public, don’t mind me; I’m just trying out a new walk.

If you have any advice on how to cope, recover, or if you’d like to share your own stories, I’d love to hear it!


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