To “diet” or not to “diet.

I was recently inspired by a Facebook post of a former classmate. Without name-dropping, this individual aspires to lose quite a bit of weight, approx. 90 lbs. Fantastic! They specifically said they wanted to do the “Keto diet”. Okay. Great! Except it’s not for everyone. I didn’t want to overwhelm this person with thousands of suggestions. It can be challenging to begin a new routine and far too often do I see or hear of results not lasting because of shifting directly and harshly into a completely new habit. Baby steps! Weight loss ain’t easy, honey! If you’re looking to make a change and are unsure of where to start, this is a great way to coax into it.

Here’s something you might try:

Keep a food journal for two weeks starting tomorrow. Don’t change anything about your current eating habits just yet. Log everything you eat and drink for two weeks. Log the following for each item: Calories, Macros (Protein, [total] Fats, & Carbs)…including grams and % of fat calories), Sugar(g), optional, sugars are carbs. Best apps to use: Fitbit, if you have one. or MyFitnessPal by Under Armour. Get your weight at the beginning too.

At the end of that two weeks, total the average for each, calories consumed per day, macros consumed per day, etc. Weigh-in. This will give you a perspective on why you aren’t currently reaching your goals. If you have a specific number you’re wanting to reach, you’re gonna need to reduce that caloric intake by at least 500 calories/day in order for your body to recognize a deficit and begin to melt away fat cells.

Depending on the timeframe in which you want to reach your goal, it will be crucial to know your recommended daily caloric intake and how many calories you’re burning per day, so that you are successful in reaching that goal.

If you are truly set on a specific weight, or weight range, +/-5 pounds, you’re not going to get there by “winging it”. Trust me, I’ve been there. We become influenced by what we see on Pinterest or whatever, and get bored. Then whatever effort we’ve put into weight loss, just gets thrown away and you gain it all back. Don’t fall into these “diets”. Pick a healthy habit that you can stick with permanently and not feel like you’re missing out on things you enjoy. This whole journey is trial and error. A quick fix or fad diet does not a healthy lifestyle make. I hope this helps!

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