Personal Training

7 benefits of having a Personal Trainer
  1. Better results in a timely fashion – having a coach there to guide you through your exercises will certify correct form and increased efficiency
  2. Proper fat loss &/or muscle gain
  3. Lowers risk for injury – uncovering limitations or previous injuries helps the trainer guide and correct those imbalances to prevent further damage
  4. Overcome plateaus
  5. Uncover goals and develop realistic methods to acheive them
  6. Ensures accountablity
  7. Establishes a life-long habit of health & exercise

Before we even set foot on the gym floor, I want the opportunity to know you more before I just throw you into it. We will talk about your strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, short-term and long-term goals, limitations, disabilities, past injuries, and more. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or have never exercised in your life, we are going to work together to ensure your success. If you’re someone who feeds off tough love and intensity through your workouts, that’s how we’ll operate. If you need a more relaxed environment with constant guidance and support, that’s great too! I am here to adapt to each and every situation and establish a goal-oriented customized-course of action to meet the needs of each client.

We are a team. Let’s work as a team, create goals, and shed light on your strengths.

“Focus on your health, not your weight. Be fit for you!”

1-on-1 Session Rates

Servicing Oklahoma – Yukon | Mustang | OKC | Edmond

Available Packages

Session Details

Each session is priced and scheduled for 1-Hr. Once a location and routine has been established, it is recommended that any additional voluntary cardio/warm-ups are done prior or following the scheduled session. This way your paid time is used most effectively and efficiently. Home-gym at Four Star Fitness – Mustang. Can train at any of the (4) Four Star Fitness locations in OKC.


Please inform instructor if running late to your session. As long as there are no sessions scheduled immediately after your own, lost time can be made up. Refunds will not be issued in the event of a No-Call No-Show.

Advance Purchase

A 10% discount will be applied to the original total cost if sessions are purchased in advance for the full month (4 Weeks). 1-single session or 1 session per week is still priced at $35. All payments must be received prior to each session.

Weekly Rate


Total Cost

1 Session



2 Sessions/Wk



3 Sessions/Wk



4 Sessions/Wk



Monthly Rate


Cost/Session Original Cost

Total Cost

1 Session


$35 $140


2 Sessions/Wk


$29 $256


3 Sessions/Wk


$26 $348


4 Sessions/Wk


$23 $416


Accepting New Clients! Free 1-Hour Session w/ Referral!

Special Offer! NEW CLIENTS! Enroll in the monthly – 4 sessions/week (16 total @ $375.00) and receive four weeks of meal plans for FREE (Valued at $120)!!

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Additional charges apply for 1-on-1 sessions requiring over 15 miles of travel each time.